Gardus 4-Piece LintEater Jr. Dryer-Vent Cleaning Kit

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Get rid of that lint buildup that's escaped your lint trap with the Gardus Rjr601 4-Piece LintEater Jr. Dryer-Vent Cleaning Kit. Having junk clogged up in your vent can reduce the efficiency of your dryer, and can even cause a fire if it gets backed up enough. This optimal dryer cleaning kit will remove debris from your vent with a few simple cleaning tools, keeping your dryer running at its best while keeping you and your family safe. The set comes with two 18" flexible extension rods, a self-feeding auger brush for cleaning and a lint trap brush with a 42" reach. Each tool in this brush cleaning kit is built out of strong and durable material, along with long lasting wire brushes to ensure you many uses when cleaning out your dryer vent.
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Specification Type: Cleaning Kit
Two 18" flexible extension rods
Self-feeding auger brush for cleaning vent
Dryer cleaning kit has one 2.5" diameter lint trap brush with 42" reach
Dimensions: 3" L x 6" W x 19.8" H
Weight: 1 lbs
Color: Multi
Price $7.60
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