Easy Rest Siesta 1 Split Adjustable Base Set - Eking

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Price: $1,199.99
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For the ultimate sleeping experience add on one of our adjustable mattress bases.

Pair your split Eking mattress with an adjustable base to enhance your sleep experience. Enjoy settings that raise and lower your head and legs, for your own individualized comfort. Traditional beds only allow you to do so much, but with a split Eking adjustable bed you'll enjoy more activities in bed than you did before. Elevate your upper body and enjoy a book without disturbing your partner. Set Comoponents:

  • Two Split Twin XL Adjustable Beds
More Information
  • Head & Foot position adjustment
  • One touch return to flat button
  • 1 Programable memory position
  • Flash light built in hand control
  • With emergency battery box to power supply
  • With 9’’ adjustable legs (5’’+4”)
  • Weight Capacity 850 lbs
  • 20 years manufacturer limited warranty
Price $1,199.99