Curacao, formally La Curacao, began as a small local retail store catering primarily to the Latino community by Ron and Jerry Azarkman in 1980. The cornerstone of the success of our company was our ability to finance the newly immigrated Hispanic consumer through our proprietary lending model. During the 1992 LA riots, our store was vandalized and we were forced to relocate nearby to 1605 W. Olympic Blvd. which remains our flagship store and headquarters. During the 90’s and early 2000’s we’ve experienced tremendous growth by expanding our retail footprint from one to 10 stores around southern California and Arizona. Contributing to the growth was our ability to partner with top brand name manufacturers to offer luxury products and the latest technology to our customers. The launch of our first home grown service, Export, provided our customers the ability to buy goods and have it delivered to their families abroad. Additionally, during this period we were able to expand our services to include a travel agency, internet service provider, local telephone and cellular network and high speed internet. More recently, we’ve added our financial services which offers, amongst other options, money transfer abroad. In 2012, we successfully underwent a branding transformation to cater to our up and coming second and third generation millennial Hispanic consumer who currently represents almost half of Curacao’s portfolio of consumers.