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Piper Z-Wave Smart Switch
Model #19H-B10-4010743
As low as $20 /mo

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Designed as an add-on accessory for the Piper HD Camera and Home Automation Hub, the Z-Wave Smart Switch from Piper is a wireless intermediary between smart devices, such as an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and electrical appliances when connected to a centralized Piper hub. The Smart Switch operates on the Z-wave, a frequency band that is subject to less digital interference than other wireless transmission bands, such as the 2.4 GHz frequency. As a Z-Wave-enabled device, this switch can provide a reliable wireless communication range between 50 to 60'.

In order for this Smart switch to function, it must be connected to the Piper hub's Wi-Fi network. Once the Switch's Z-Wave is connected to the Piper hub, you must download the Piper mobile app to remotely turn on an electrical appliance that is plugged into your Z-Wave switch. From your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, you'll be able to turn off your living room lights from the office, get the coffee machine brewing from the comfort of your bed, heat up your curling iron after you've stepped out of the shower, and so much more.

What's more is that the Piper line takes a modular approach to home automation and easily integrates other Piper Z-wave products to its centralized control hub. Furthermore, Piper gives you the flexibility to expand your system at any time with its Z-Wave add-on accessories like this Smart switch.