Jensen DUBA2100 DUB Edition 480 W 2-Channel Amplifier
Model #09M-C16-DUBA2100
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The DUB Series DUBa2100 stereo amplifier will send 80 watts RMS to each of your speakers, while its variable frequency filters and bass boost let you zoom in on the sound you want. The DUBa2100 can also be wired to drive a single channel at 235 watts for a 4-ohm load, making it a good choice for driving a subwoofer as well. This Class AB amp uses a MOSFET power supply and high-current output transistors to deliver strong, reliable power, and it features full short-circuit, DC offset, and thermal protection, so the music won't stop until you want it to. And why would you want it to? You've got DUB on the case.