iLuv iPhone 6 Plus Metal Forge TPU Case - Silver
Model #20C-E02-AI6PMETFSI

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Nothing says premium like a sleek metallic design, and that's exactly what Metal Forge™ offers. By combining a tough yet stylish aluminum frame with a durable TPU case, Metal Forge™ enhances the elegant look of your iPhone 6 Plus while providing it with superior protection from drops, shocks and impacts.

For maximum protection, Metal Forge™ is made up of two components: an aluminum frame and a TPU case. The aluminum is anodized to give it extra durability and resistance to damage. Its sleek, pristine look accentuates your iPhone's profile while protecting its edges and corners. The TPU case is designed to hold your iPhone securely and absorb shocks and impacts. The textured rear of the case makes it easy to grip and hold onto.