Fisher-Price 6" Shimmer and Shine Assortment Doll
Model #12D-797-DLH55
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The Shimmer Twin Magic Genie doll is a 6" doll with a magnet in her torso (she contains no electronics). The genie bottle that she comes with contains electronics. There is a reed switch in the genie bottle that is activated when it is brought up to Shimmer's torso. It will light up the image of Shimmer's sister, Shine, inside the bottle. A tri-color LED is used to create a variety of colors and light patterns. There is also a push button on top of the bottle that is used for try me.
Age: 3 years and Up
Doll is approximately: 6"
Shimmer and Shine, playtime divine
These doll packs are just the thing for creating the most magical genie adventures
Bring home all of the magic of Shimmer and Shine with dolls and accessories
Contained Battery Type: Alkaline
Battery Size: LR44
Dimensions: 7.7" L x 6.8" W x 2.5" H
Weight: 1 lbs
Color: Multi