Entrada Collection 31.8" X 8.5" Lacquer Bamboo Vase with Indented Lines - Antique Bittersweet
Model #45 -P30-EN30486
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Want to adorn an extraordinary appeal inside your dwelling? Then grab a vase of exclusive color, finishing and texture that can add loads of charm to your place. It features a circular aperture with a bit of twists and turns around the surface to look extremely spectacular. It flaunts a smooth surface with black detailing done on it to look mesmerizing. Made from quality materials it is assured to be at your place for a long time. In lacquer or wooden colored finishing this vase has an authentic appeal that steals attention at the very first glance. Adorned with colorful floral stems this vase can be kept besides a TV set or a big painting. Even your garden sitting area can get truly decorated with this stunning piece in possession. You can wrap it up and gift it to somebody close to win accolades for your unique choice.
  • Made from quality materials
  • Featuring a nice finishing
  • Product Measures: 7.88 x 31.5 inch
  • Weight: 17.63 lbs.