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Many people in our community are living in fear of being deported or losing a family member through deportation. This issue is affecting us all and our voices must be heard!

Curacao’s Mi Voz Cuenta movement has a truck with a symbolic wall of your messages of love and unity on its way right now to Washington D.C.

We need your help and support for the movement by signing the Mi Voz Cuenta pledge below.

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"My Voice Matters" Campaign

"My Voice Matters" campaign is a social initiative that aspires to encourage and create positive action among Hispanic communities across the nation. During the month of July, children will have the opportunity to express their feelings through a mobile mural that will travel from Los Angeles to Washington D.C, passing through different cities of the country and gathering the voice that our children have decided to project.

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Who are we?

Curacao is a department store chain with locations in California, Nevada and Arizona. Our 100,000+ square foot retail stores offer a large selection of the latest electronic, fashion and home products. Curacao ranks among the top 100 Electronics and Appliance Retailers in the U.S. Through its proprietary financing models, Curacao has opened the door to the world of credit for millions of people. All of this has allowed Curacao to build a unique relationship with its customers and their communities.

Why are we doing this?

Throughout the years, Curacao has been privileged to serve the Hispanic community at many of its stores. A great number of people in this community currently live in fear. The daily and constant fear of losing a family member through deportation is often unbearable. This issue affects everyone: citizens, residents and people of all faiths and backgrounds. Although we recognize and respectfully understand the reasons behind immigrations laws, we need for all people in this country to consider their harsh effect on the millions of hard-working and law-abiding immigrants who have lived here for so many years.

What does “This Wall Unites” mean?

We understand that our country needs security and safety. However, families should not be torn apart and human rights must be respected. ‘This Wall Unites!’ Our small symbolic wall is delivered to our White House as a message of love and respect, and a call for unity.

Our Pledge

We must speak and tell our side of the story. We have to explain who we are. We must be clear that our human rights must be respected. We only want to work hard and live a peaceful life with our families. We must believe that our government will hear us and address this complicated situation with fairness and compassion.

As our truck travels across this nation, from Los Angeles to Washington, to deliver our symbolic wall, we would like to provide to the Hispanic community, and members of all faiths and backgrounds, an opportunity to speak by expressing a positive message to officials in Washington D.C. through the "My Voice Matters statement.

"My Voice Matters"

  • We ask for your understanding.
  • We ask to be allowed to stay with our loved families; breaking us apart is a cruel solution.
  • We request that you to consider our special situation with compassion and humanity.
  • We provide a significant contribution to the society and economy of the U.S.
  • We have become a part of the fabric of this great nation.
  • We acknowledge that some of us may have violated the immigration laws of this great country. Destiny has brought us here. We did not intend to harm anyone by coming to the U.S. In many cases, the decision was not even within our control.
  • However, we are here now, and we request that this issue be approached with compassion.
  • We respect and obey all rules and laws, and understand there should be a reasonable consequence for any past actions.
  • We are good people. We are hard workers. We pay taxes. We love our families and neighbors.
  • We have feelings. Each of us has a life and a history. We have love and a deep connection to our families.
  • We want to stay united with our loved ones.
  • Please consider the proper amnesty for the many of us who do not have any criminal history.

Registers and be part of this movement

Your personal information is kept private ad secure, only your statement will be send to Washington D.C. as a message of love and unity.

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Your information is private and secure