Cerwin-Vega 3.5mm Male To Male Stereo Audio Cable 6-Feet Aux Cable - Black
Model #09A-R22-CVM2M6MIC

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Cerwin Vega CVM2M6MIC Use as AUX cable for high quality audio. Incoming calls pauses the music on your phone, and sends call to your car's speakers. Stable voice transferring for iphone/ipod/ipad. Transfer voice from iphone to car stereo/MP3/MP4, with MIC and ON/OFF switch. Play stop music and answer or end calls with the on/off button. 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable lets you connect your mobile device, like iPhone, iPod or any MP3 player, to a car stereo, speaker system, laptop, or any other output device that has a 3.5-millimeter jack. The slim aluminum Case design allows you to plug it into your devices without taking off your mobile/Tab case. Dual-shielding, polished metal molding & corrosion-resistant gold-plated plugs deliver crisp sounds & minimal signal loss You're just a plug-in away from rocking out to your music, listening to a movie or relaxing to an audio-book.