Carrera Aviator Sunglasses - Black
Model #67P-O58-CA33/807PT
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The Carrera CA33/807PT Sunglasse make a bold statement of style and fun with vintage styling. These Carrera shades feature leather inserts on the front, fastened by round metalimage buttons, based on the classic Carrera "All weather" sunglasses - a 1980s original. Originally concieved with with removable lenses fastened by a button, the Carrera 33 Leather & Stud Sunglasses feature a squared off frame shape. The Carrera 33 Sunglass is built with multi-layer acetates and manually designed frames for impeccable quality. The "C" icon for Carrera continues to provide an unmistakable look, carved into the enamelled button of the leather detail - just as it was for the original vintage version. When you need to send a message of style, choose the Carrera 33 Sunglasses for a signal that will come through loud and clear.